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Several membership levels are available to individuals and organizations with an interest in scientific endeavors.  Qualification for any specific level is subject to approval by the Executive Director or Executive Committee.

Regular Member ($25.00 per annum)
Persons who are interested in science and technology.

Sustaining Member ($35.00 per annum)
Regular members who pay a $10.00 increment above the regular dues to support the William Baker Student Awards (scholarship) fund.

Life Member ($300 one-time payment, cannot retroactively include previous payments)
Granted upon payment of twelve times the current annual dues.  (This option is currently suspended.)

Emeritus Member
Any of the above who has reached age 60, been a member for the previous ten years, and is retired from full-time professional activity, may upon request become an Emeritus Member.  Dues remain the same, but registration fees at IAS meetings are waived for Emeritus Members upon request.

Student Member ($10.00 per annum)
Any matriculated college or university student, full-time student enrolled in a technical program at a vocational school, or high-school student with outstanding potential in some field of science.  Student members have no voting privileges and do not receive the Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science.

Organizational Member ($35.00 per annum)
Local or statewide professional societies and other comparable organizations with member interests similar to those of the IAS.

Institutional Member ($125.00 per annum)
Educational institutions, agencies and companies that employ scientists and have goals consistent with those of the IAS.

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