Award nominations are accepted year-round.

The Idaho Academy of Science and Engineering offers three prestigious annual awards:

Distinguished Scientist/Engineer

An individual with outstanding achievements in science or engineering.

Distinguished Communicator

An individual with outstanding achievements in communicating the meaning and values of science and/or engineering to students and/or the general public.

Outstanding New Investigator

An individual who has begun his or her career in Idaho within the last five years, and has demonstrated great promise in science or engineering. The recipient of this award may be invited to give a lecture at the symposium.

Requirements and Eligibility

Nominees’ work should be conducted in or related to the state of Idaho. That means the person may live and work in Idaho or the work that he/she has done is of specific value or interest to Idahoans. Nominees need not be members of the Idaho Academy of Science and Engineering or even professional practitioners so long as their accomplishments are clearly STEM-related or in the realm of STEM education. Generally, nominees must be living at the time of their nomination . . . only in truly exceptional cases would the Academy consider giving an award posthumously. Other than these conditions, any individual who has contributed substantially to science/engineering or to science/engineering communication is eligible for one of these awards.

Submit nominations electronically to:, with the email subject line:  IASE Award Nomination

Nomination Procedures

Nominations must be typed and submitted electronically. All should include the following information:

  • Nominee’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail Address,
  • Nominee’s occupation/title and institutional or Company affiliation (if applicable).
  • A summary of the accomplishments for which the person is to be recognized (about 250 words).
  • A brief biographical sketch of the nominee, including educational and professional career information.
  • The nominator’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • At least one seconding letter in support of the nomination, more are preferable.

But the core of the nomination is:  A detailed description of what makes the nominee worthy of an Award. Supporting information including photos may be included.

Completed nomination packages may be submitted at any time. Nominations will remain active for a period of two years; after that the nomination package must be revised and re-submitted for further consideration. Additional supporting information may be submitted for addition to a nomination that is already one year old.

Selection Process

Nominations will be reviewed by an ad hoc panel of at least three individuals, selected by the Academy President and Executive Director. If at all possible, the group will include individuals whose work areas correspond to those of the nominees.

The panel will review all the nominations versus the criteria outlined above and make a formal recommendation to the Executive Committee. The final decision will be made by the Executive Committee. The President will then contact the person(s) selected to make sure he or she will actually attend the Annual Meeting or accept the award in absentia.

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