Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts are required for both oral presentations and poster presentations. Length must be limited to no more than 250 words including the title, author identification, and body. Use a 12 pt. Times Roman font, single-spaced, with 1″ margins. The title must be bold-faced and centered.  Author names and affiliations must be normal text and centered.  The body must be normal text and fully justified.  Abstracts must not include equations, diagrams or other illustrations. For clarification, see the sample abstract here.  If your oral or poster presentation is accepted, your abstract will be published in the symposium program.

Files must be submitted electronically, as attachments to the Abstract Submission Form, in doc or docx format, and must be named with the presenting author’s last name followed by first name.  For example, the file for a paper presented by John Smith should be named smithjohn.doc or smithjohn.docx.  No other extraneous characters are permitted.  All abstracts will be published in the open-source Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science and Engineering after the Symposium is completed.

Failure to follow these guidelines, and the required format, will result in rejection of your submission. For clarification, see the sample abstract here.

All authors are encouraged to also submit complete/full copies of their presentations for review and possible future publication in the JIASE.

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