IASE Joins in Call to Action


The IASE has joined in a call to action developed to bring together American industry, higher education, science, and engineering organizations to urge Congress to enact policies and make investments to help ensure the United States remains the global innovation leader. Crafted by a group of university, business, and scientific organizations and already endorsed by several industry leaders, the “Innovation: An American Imperative” statement addresses the innovation deficit noted in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2014 Report, Restoring the Foundation: The Vital Role of Research in Preserving the American Dream, and provides seven areas of focus for Congressional action, including:

  • Renewing the federal commitment to scientific discovery by ending sequestration level spending caps and providing steady and sustained funding growth;
  • Permanently strengthening the R&D tax credit;
  • Reforming visa policies;
  • Improving STEM education;
  • Streamlining or eliminating costly and inefficient regulations;
  • Reaffirming merit-based peer review; and
  • Stimulating improvements in advanced manufacturing.

In 2007, a similar document – American Innovation Proclamation – was endorsed by many organizations.  It asked Congress to act quickly on an agenda that supported innovation and did not rest on past success. The Proclamation, found here, was signed by 277 companies, associations, and universities, and it was helpful at that time in making the case for the COMPETES Act, increased federal funding for research, and other innovation related policies. This year’s “Imperative” statement was developed in this same spirit and with the goal of demonstrating strong support for federal actions to strengthen our nation’s innovation system.

Read the Innovation American Imperative Call to Action

Organized by:
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Association of American Universities
Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
Coalition for National Science Funding
Coalition for National Security Research
Council on Competitiveness
Energy Sciences Coalition
The Science Coalition
The Task Force on American Innovation

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